First blog post

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This is your very first post.

Hi my name is Chrystal. I’m starting a blog to just write what is going on and maybe help others. I know I got lots of things in my mind that I can write about. I’m gonna do my best to stay of of the politics and everything else going on. I mainly be talking about being a Mom, wife, career driven lady. Maybe go into other things too.

Cheers xoxo


Convention Life

With everything going on my life and how busy I am, you would believe that I will take the time and relax. Yeah, that’s not me.  Almost for a year now I’ve been thinking of running my own convention.  These things are popping up everywhere with different themes and styles.  The cons that we have attended is the Baltimore Comic Con, Monster Mania, and Four State Comic Con.  Those three mainly since they are closer to us, but I would love to explore the others that are held.

The first con I ever attended was the Baltimore Comic Con and I was impressed and overwhelm.  There was so much to see, to do, talk to people, walking, and standing.  At that time I was reading a few comics myself and huge fan of Phoenix and Mystic.  I wanted autographs, but needed to be wise in where my money went too.  Baltimore isn’t that far from Winchester, but the drive was a different story.  So, we rented a hotel for the days we were attending.  I think a friend came with us too…. I only been to this twice and I’m hoping to check it out again in the future.  I do recommend this con!!

The next con I’ve been to many times is the Monster Mania in New Jersey and Maryland.  These people know how to put on a show with the vendors, location, special guest, contest, and everything else they offer.  The hotel where they held this conventions and the people who work there are very nice.  The last one we got to attend was a few years ago and I got to meet Robert Englund.  I was happy and giddy that I was sitting next to Freddy Kruger.  He was super nice and remembers parts of movies that I can’t recall much on.  I had him sign my copy of ‘Zombie Strippers’.  Mr. Englund did a photo op with me and with my passed out son.  I sooo highly recommend this con!!

The other con that I’ve attended and set up was with Four State Comic Con.  It was good and the vendors have become family.  I was sad that we didn’t set up at the last one, but after the previous year.  It left a bad taste in our mouth.  I don’t want to trash the people, but there is lots of room to grow.  The guest that are invited are nice and generous.  The location is a huge hall that gives them lots of space to work with and parking is good. I am happy that this con does exist and that its trying to grow and become a good con for families.  So, I do recommend this con.

So my desire to bring another form of con is within me.  I don’t have a particular theme I’m going for, but I think I picked out a name.  Just need to figure out location, vendors, how many guest, prices, parking, area, etc … awe my brain.  Need to get on to the planning….

Mommy’s Life

When I found out we were pregnant on Mother’s Day, it was the most exciting and scariest moments I went through.  The best was when I talked to my Mom.  When I called my Mom to let her know we were expecting; her reaction, “Oh your pregnant.  Okay.  Congratulations, I guess.” My Mom folks; she’s something.  Being pregnant in the Spring/Summer months suck, specifically when your not a fan of very hot days.  I’m a buffet for all sorts of insects, I don’t enjoy getting all sweaty as soon as I walk out the door, and being pregnant; I was swollen a lot.

Regardless of the weather, I enjoyed being pregnant with my bundle of joy and there were times I was worried.  I was worried about the what ifs.  What if I’m not a good Mom?  What if I mess up and he turns out bad?  What if I can’t take care of  him?  My mind was everywhere.  The reasons is that I’ve always had a steady job and been okay keeping with my responsibilities, but it was other things that were getting in the way.

I learned over time that I needed to focus on my son and I.  I made sure that my little guy got things he needed and sometimes items he just wanted.  This kid loved soccer but his heart lays with video games.  He wants to be a gamer, has his own YouTube channel.  I’m hoping one day soon that can be arranged.  My little guy will come with me to my part-time job, meet some new friends, get some hugs from me, but mainly stayed out of the way and play.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Mr. Innocent.  He can become the most hard-headed, smart mouth, little turd.  **He’s definitely mine.**

He does not like when I have to leave him to go to my full time job.  The lip he gives me, the little tears, the arms reaching out just makes my heart ache more.  I tell him over and over that I have to work.  I have to make sure that I can get him new clothes, shoes, toys, food for his belly, a decent, and everyday essentials.  He does understand, but he just don’t want his Mommy leaving him.  Next week will be my turn when he goes to school camp for four days.  😦

Then next month he starts kindergarten…

So on my days off, I make him first.  Play at the park, play games, listen to him, engage with him.  His my world.  Motherhood isn’t easy but its worth the love and snuggles.


I am Me

I have flaws,

I have scars,

I have secrets,

I have grown to be who I am, because of what I’ve learned and seen.

I am a woman who have curves and valleys, but a mind of her own.

I care for others even when they are putting me down,

Some have even left me behind.

Eventually I have to put an end to the emotions,

Because I had to take care of myself.

I am Me.

You Are My Drug Of Choice

You are my Drug of Choice

The Ecstasy you brought with you just made me want you more. The things you offered I have dreamed a long time for.

You are my drug.

When I do everything you ask, I was your Perfect Woman, Your Wife, Your Love of you Life.

You are my drug.

When I didn’t follow through then I was Wicked, Cold-Heart, and You Hated Me.

You are my drug.

I had to always reassure you that I was doing what you asked and you were my priority.

You are my drug.

Things started to pick up for me and You got more demanding. You wanted more and more from me than you were ever give me.

You are my drug.

I asked you over and over for things and proof; I was told that I was hateful and untrustworthy.

You are my drug.

You wanted more money from me than what I could afford.

You are my drug.

You could care less about my health and my responsibilities.

You are my drug.

When I repeating told you these things, I became the cold-hearted Bitch. I don’t care about your kids and the charity you ran.

You are my drug.

Every time you did try to end it I always fought for us.

You are my drug.

We will be good for a while, sending loving and happy messages to each other.

You are my drug.

I had to stop fighting for us.

You are my drug.

I wanted to keep you happy, even when I was unhappy and dying inside.

You are my drug.

When you ended it, I was hurt and relieved. Relieved…

You are my drug of choice.

You still want “favors” from me so you can always remember me.

You are my drug.

My mind and heart started to catch with each other and pointed out the mind games you played.

You are my drug of choice

I finally had to cut the cord…..

I need to sober up, because you are my drug of choice.

Holidays and Birthdays

I do hope everyone had a nice holiday.

I don’t know how everyone was feeling, but to me it didn’t feel like the holiday season was upon us.  I enjoyed Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I just felt like there was something missing.  Christmas and New Years was spent more at work then being at home.

Thanksgiving I was super excited to have my Parents move back home.  It was nice to talk to them without static interference or getting drop.  I rather talk via text messaging, but trying to decipher my Mom’s messages; I’m gonna need an aspirin or two.  I haven’t see my Dad for six months and when I did, he looked like Santa without the gut.  His beard has turn so white I had to give him that nickname.  I was on my Parents’ porch swing talking to my cousin when we see this guy with a hat coming out from my Grandparent’s house.  Yeah, I couldn’t hold parties without my Parents finding out during my teenage years.  When the guy turned around, I looked at my cousin and said, “Its my Dad. And apparently he’s Santa now. Santa has left your house, Dianna.”  I meet my Dad by the cars and gave him a big hug.  I ended up over my Parents’ house until 10pm that night.  A few days, I celebrated my birthday by drinking coffee out of my new Hogwarts’ mug.  Don’t judge me.

When December came around we celebrated Caleb’s fifth birthday, which we held over  my Parents’ house.  My Parent’s house is where there is never ending arguments, disagreements, jokes, picking on someone, basically anything goes…that your going need popcorn and/or drink to be part of it.  My family are tough individuals with a side of attitude.  My sister stayed upstairs to hide. My older brother came by early to just get there in time, so I asked him to help to go get the pizza or help decorate.  He said no, but ended up helping with the decorations (I think Mom said something).  My younger brother was hogging the bathroom, so I had to run across the street to use the bathroom before going to get the pizza.  When I got back I was told they thought I ran away with Santa.  “Santa is up in his room, hiding from you guys,” I said.  The party did go well and Caleb had fun with all the kids that was able to make it.

For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I had to work, but I did managed to go see my family before spending my day with sick people.  Money is super tight for us this year, but I did managed to get my nephews and son something.  It was a plastic candy cane with Reese cups inside.  I’m sure they ate it as soon as they finished opening their gifts.  I didn’t get a chance to see my extended family, but I did make arrangements to see them later in the week.  I gave everyone a hug and had to head to work.  The two nights at the hospital wasn’t bad and the Patients I visited wasn’t exactly thrilled to be there too.  I just learn over the years to make them smile and help them as best as I can.

New Years Eve I had to work that night and was planning to go downtown to the Annul Apple Drop.  Apple?  Yes, apple.  I live in the area that apples are planted and picked a lot.  Instead I went home to where it was warm and everyone was tuck in for the night, plus it was 23 degrees out and scrub pants are thin.  Now we are in the beginning of January and we had very cold temperatures and warm (like yesterday).  I remember it being so cold last week that I was urging people to apologize to Elsa.  Well, she back off for a few days and back in full swing now.  So to my readers, stay warm ❤

Until next time….

Where I Been

Its been a while since I wrote a blog, especially since I decided I needed another job to help with my finances.  My dear, loving husband could only find a part-time job that at the moment is giving him full time hours.  But the pay is barely half what he use to make and top of that he’s helping his “friend”.  I just wish he would look for another part time job or even a full time job, but until then I decided to take on a part time job.

My primary job is of course is being a Mom to my four old (almost five) that acts too wise beyond his years.  Okay my main career is an EKG Technician at the hospital for the last six years.  I love helping and listening to my patients, plus getting the readings for the heart is pretty quick.  When I started at the hospital, I was a housekeeping.  I knew I could do better and with a degree I was working on, I wanted better for myself.  Within 11 months, I applied and got the position as an Electrocardiogram Technician.  I’m still thinking of get a certification on top of my Associates, but that is something I been bouncing around.  I had my CPR certification on and off through the years, so I had to get them again and keep them re-certified every two years.  The computer part was like riding a bike for me and had no problem in learning what was required from me.  Only thing that took a little time was the training on the EKG machine, getting the decent reading to read the EKG, and working around chaos.

I love going to the gym and getting to know everyone there, so one day after training with my personal trainer I was upfront asking if they needed help.  Talking to Kim, she let me know that they were looking for more childcare providers than front desk.  I have experience in childcare since I was twelve years; I’ve babysat my younger siblings, my Mom’s co-worker’s kids, friend’s children, and worked in a childcare setting.  One of the reasons why I needed a CPR certification.  She let me know I could bring my son, which worked perfectly.  He was complaining he needed friends, which the kid did, the kids on our street were older than him.  He was okay with his one friend, but gets annoyed with him quickly and he hardly sees his cousins.  The process moved quickly and I started my new position like a week later.  Caleb, my son loves it.  Okay maybe at times he gets fussy and cranky; majority of the time he does great.  He has met so many kids that if he stays home with his Dad, I have a few kids asking for him.  I’ve been there for four weeks now and I do enjoy it; however, I had to readjust my sleep time and gym time.  I miss working out and going every other night, but I fixed it when I go out the end of the week.  I enjoy watching the children we get in and their different little personalities and the fact they keep Caleb on the move.  I was told he passes out early now, that helps his Daddy with his button business (another story).  My main intentions is and will to help with the finances, but I really am starting to love those kids, even they ones that turn my hair grey.

An Ode From A Daughter To All M🌼ms

Beautiful written

Meraki Forever

​Mothers are like candles who burn themselves to shower their light of guidance, love and care.But, are we also loving her unconditionally?

She sat alone on the chair,

Letting it down was her hair,

She was present in front of the eyes,

But truly was she there?

The lady who was always lustering bright,

Today why the mother was quiet?

Tumbled over the thought that something was not right,

What was troubling mother from day until night?

Has something gone wrong,

Or did she listen to someone’s sad song.

Lost in her thoughts, she looked at the sight,

Why the mother was quiet?

Couldn’t control the curious mind,

What happened wrong couldn’t find.

Suddenly the eyes grew wide,

There was something to confide.

Not good in the deeds,

In a moment, the life felt like scattered in beads.

How couldn’t it be realized,

That life…

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Knowing Your Eye Shape

A few weeks ago I wrote about some ideals I got from watching tutorials and YouTube on some makeup techniques.  The one thing I would suggest anyone who gets into makeup, is to figure out your eye shape.  Knowing your eye shape is the main aspect in putting makeup on the right way for your eye.

Thanks to many tutorials online, it has helped me and possible countless others learn their eye shapes.  The one that I learned from is an article in Vogue called How to Determine your Eye Shape and Master your Eyeshadow Application is to pay attention to your eyes and whites of your eyes.  They are more important than you think.  In the article, Vogue teamed up with Smashbox to help people to figure out what shape is their eyeOnce this shape is figured out, the process of putting the makeup on and how we can maximize the color for our eyes.

To determine your eye shape is having a good mirror, doesn’t have to be magnified one, and an area with good lightly.  The best place I found is the bathroom, now if I can take out my sink, it would be helpful.  The first step is to determine if you have a crease on your eyelid.  If you don’t, you have monolid eyes and the next step is to find a tutorial or go to your nearest beauty shape to get ideals.  They can help in the colors in how and where to put the eye shadow on.

If you do have a crease, this is where we go further in determine more about our eye shape. This step is looking at the corners of your eye to determine if your outer corner turns upwards or downwards.  By doing this, you are imaging a a straight line in the center of your eye.  If the outer eye is lifting up, then you have an upturned eye, so if your outer corner is pointing down, its down-turned eye.  Just sometimes we have eyes that fall in between, so we have to determine if our creases are visible.

If your creases are not visible, then you have hooded eyes. Now if the creases are visible, we want to look at the whites in our eyes.  When any of the whites are visible around our iris when looking straight ahead, then you have round eyes.  Lastly, if any part of the whites around your iris disappear into the upper and lower eyelids, then you have almond eyes.

The next thing I want to find out more about is a lazy eye, to see if there is a way to uplift it more.  I hope this post helped more about determine your eye shape and as always, research.

Thanks to Vogue for printing this article and to Smashbox for just being amazing cosmetic company.


Just My Opinion About Makeup

I am by far a make up expert, but rather a good listener and follower in other makeup artist on Facebook and YouTube.  There are a few that I learned so much from and truly grateful to their advice and techniques.  So if you are reading this, please remember it’s just my opinion and what I do.

When I started to get into makeup, I was maybe 13 year old.  My Mom was showing me how to do my makeup and OOOHH MYYY GOOODNESS she would put tons on her face.  At one time I thought is was acceptable wearing so much until you go to school and your teacher is like, ‘No.’ The last time I let her touch my face was for my junior prom, but my friend fixed it and dull it out some of the makeup.  I just never let my Mother touch my face after that.

My personal technique was not good either until a few years ago.  It was maybe six years ago when I finally found my technique.  I didn’t know how to cut the crease, blend, how to use the brushes or beauty blender.  I also didn’t know about the different eye sizes and shapes, so knowing the best techniques was foreigner to me.  When you know your shape of your eye, like I have hooded eyes with my left side is a little lazy, will make a huge difference in how you were the eye shadows.  The way I do my makeup is going to be different from someone with almond eyes.

The next step is to know what colors make your eye color pop; just remember you can play with any color that makes you who you are.  Be yourself and have fun!  For me I stick to brown, taupe, grey, and sometimes purple.  Another thing I like to makes sure I have is good brushes, primer, moisturizer, and finishing spray.

With the advance of technology, lots of people are doing real-time makeup tutorials for anyone to watch.  A few of the ladies I watch is Michelle Phan, Brittany Streich, That’s Heart, and Chris Clark-Ashby.  Plus we have Pinterest, which is my go-to if I can’t access YouTube or Facebook. On my profile, I have everything from craft work, makeup tips, hair style tips, movies, celebrities, quotes, and other things.

I do highly suggest that you figure out your eye shape and some tips in how to do your makeup.  After that its all about your style and what makes you…you.  Have fun with the many different colors that are out there.